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Delivery biodegradable capsule and self-adhesive to Greece

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Recently, Biodegradable capsule, self-adhesive and nesoresso coffee capsule manual filler tool are very popular on the market. Many people think it's a perfect match. They are perfect for use at home, in coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. Very convenient.

On September 8th, My Greek client placed a sample order: 300pcs bio-capsules, 300pcs self-adhesive and 1pcs manual coffee capsule filler tool.
On September 11th,l  I delivered the 300pcs bio-capsules and 300 self- adhesive and manual coffee capsule filler tool to my Greek customer. 
Today, my customer received them and tell me, he thought that they are perfect and like them very mauch. Of course, i am very glad my customer like our products and It is honor our products have been recognized by our customers.

Now, I'll share with you the details of Biodegradable capsule.

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Biodegradable capsule:

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