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The Origin of World Cup/FIFA World Cup

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Modern football originated in England and became popular all over the world.As a result of the rapid development of football, international games also appear. 
At the time of the Athens Olympics in 1896, football was officially a sport, and Denmark beat Greece 9-0 to become the first Olympic champion. Because professional athletes were not allowed to participate in the Olympic Games, by the 1928 Amsterdam games, the football game was no longer sustainable.

After the 1928 Olympics, FIFA held a meeting of its representatives and unanimously adopted a resolution to hold the quadrennial world football championship.This has played a positive role in promoting the further development and improvement of world football.The new football tournament was originally called the world football championship. In 1956, at a meeting in Luxembourg, FIFA decided to change the name to the remy cup. It's a tribute to former FIFA President jean-francois remit for his achievements in football. Remit served as President of FIFA for 33 years (1921-1954) and was the initiator and organizer of the world football championships. Later, it was suggested that the two names be combined to be called the world football championship - the remit cup. Therefore, in Helsinki conference decided to rename as "world football championship - remit cup", short for "World Cup".

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