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how do you clean a keurig coffee machine

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How Do You Clean a Keurig Coffee Machine

Likely that, it's been a while since you cleaned the coffee machine last time. If you're cooking coffee every day, you should do a deep cleansing every three to six months - or descaling - to remove sediment, such as lime or bacteria.

Descaling the coffee machine takes only a few minutes to improve its performance and taste.

What do you need?

First, you need a large coffee cup, some distilled vinegar, and filtered water. However, you should wash or wipe any removable parts by hand before descaling, so you also need a wet cloth.

Descaling the coffee machine

After a few months of use, lime, bacteria and other unwanted substances may accumulate inside the coffee machine, especially if you're using a single-cup manufacturer like Keurig.It's easy to forget because there's no way to visually tell whether most coffee machines should be descaling.

Again, getting rid of that dirt is simple:

First, dump any water from the cold water reservoir and remove any remaining pods.

Before scaling, use a dry (or slightly moist) washing cloth to remove any residue, such as loose coffee grounds, on the outside and on the outside of the container.

Turn on the coffee machine and pour the distilled vinegar into the sink until it reaches its maximum filling line.

Once the coffee machine is ready to brew, place the cup on the drip tray, lift the handle, select the maximum brewing cycle and drop the handle without inserting it into the pod.Start the brewing process.

When the mug is full, pour the mixture into the tank and repeat until there is no remaining solution.

If there is still vinegar in the reservoir, either add enough water to run again or pour the remaining solution into the tank.

Fill the tank with filtered water and circulate it several times to remove the remaining vinegar from the machine.Flush out the reservoir thoroughly.

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