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About coffee capsules

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Coffee capsules

The concept of coffee capsules was born in 1976, the capsule type coffee machine dedicated.Under Eric Favre, nestle launched Nespresso, the world's first coffee capsule product. As a coffee connoisseur, Eric Favre visited countless coffee shops in Italy and tasted thousands of different coffees.His coffee in Rome, Sant 'eustachio, discovered how to make espresso by his boss. When he operated the espresso machine, he often used the trigger handle which he thought was faulty, so a large amount of compressed gas got into the cup. In 1986, nestle formally independent its coffee capsule division, Nespresso SA was officially established, and inventor/founder Eric Favre became CEO. Eric Favre left nestle in 1989 and founded his own independent coffee capsules company, MONODOR, in the hope that his life's work around coffee technology would be maximized. In 2000, began to cooperate with LAVAZZA to promote its coffee capsule technology and products.

Preparation and use of coffee capsules

The capsules, which are specially treated to make coffee powder, are sealed in a space of aluminum foil similar to "water jelly", and are filled with non-toxic inert gases to prolong their shelf life.When it is necessary to make coffee, put the coffee capsule into the special capsule coffee machine press the button to boil, no other operation.

Besides the coffee capsule, there is another coffee powder bag different from the coffee capsule. The English word is coffee pod and the French word is dosette. The coffee machine is mostly made by small household appliance manufacturers in Germany or Holland.Coffee pod, coffee cake, soft bag or coffee bag.Powder bags differ from capsules in that, in general, they are made entirely of filter paper or special materials, much like tea bags.Therefore in the process of making more easily, less material waste, also won't cause excessive threat to the environment, but due to the limitation of powder capsule package materials, steam injection powder can not be a bag, can only be hot water injection, so make no capsule coffee is pure, but due to its price is relatively cheap, also get the favour of many people.The main brands of producing coffee powder bag are: Senseo, Tassimo, etc.

Coffee capsules can only be used with the corresponding machine, which is greatly restricted in the choice of coffee, especially Nespresso capsules. Although there are many brands providing its capsule coffee machine, the capsules can only use nestle's own and cannot be used with other brands of capsules.The capsules of LAVAZZA, GAGGIA and Caffitaly system are versatile.

The advantages of the capsule are simple and convenient, while the quality of each cup of coffee can be kept basically the same.


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