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Capsule coffee and safety

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Capsule coffee and safety
Coffee capsule, a new type of single coffee system with unique flavor, long-lasting qualityand convenience of brew-up, is becoming popular in the world. In this paper, the origin and development of coffee capsule were briefly introduced. The potential hazards from ground coffee and packaging materials, such as aluminium and plasticizer were discussed, and the developing directions in research and improvement of the product were proposed.

The above image of capsule showing is biodegradable Nespresso capsule.

Capsule coffee is a new type of coffee product. It has been developing rapidly in recent 30 years, and occupies an important position in the coffee consumption market due to its superior quality and convenience. The encapsulated coffee made by grinding and baking coffee powder sealed in special capsule has special flavor and lasting quality. With the brewing of the capsule coffee machine, the brewing process is simple and quick. However, the special preparation technology and packaging materials of capsule coffee bring convenience, but also bring some security risks. The improper disposal of abandoned capsules brings great challenges to environmental protection. Therefore, how to give full play to the characteristics of capsule coffee and to ensure its safety and environmental protection are the future development direction of capsule coffee products.

At present, many attempts have been made to recycle waste capsules, such as recovering aluminum from waste capsules, developing reusable capsule coffee shells, and applying biodegradable packaging materials such as polylactic acid and polyvinyl alcohol. However, there are still many challenges in the actual recovery and treatment process for waste capsule has the advantages of small volume, variety of complex components, the recovery is not easy to unified treatment; public awareness is not strong, it is difficult to improve the recycling system; relevant standards and regulations are not perfect; many enterprises did not have treatment and rational use of waste capsule effectively method etc.. Therefore, the proper treatment of waste capsules needs further study.

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