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Coffee beer
Have you heard about the coffee beer? Did you have a try to drink the mix?
You can mix the coffee and dark beers and get a new drink, the both have some similar flavors, so adding coffee to a stout or porter can give some very pleasant results.
Could you think it? The Coffee and beer aren’t often drunk together, but when they meet, there’s a synergy that makes for interesting results.
Coffee is strongly flavored, so it takes a robust beer to receive it. Usually, that means a stout, but porters and even lighter colored beers like winter warmers can be successfully imbued with coffee.
There are different techniques for infusing coffee flavor. Standard drip coffee isn’t optimal because it extracts more bitterness and acidity from the beans than is desirable, and it loses aromatics while it’s hot.
Most breweries use a cold brew method, or one that’s flash chilled after brewing to prepare the coffee, and then dose it into the beer after fermentation. Others add the actual coffee beans to the beer to infuse. The results are similar, but the latter technique mentioned most often with barrel-aged beers.
Coffee beers don’t have enough caffeine to wake you up, but if you get a good one, the taste alone might do the trick.

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