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Coffee instant coffee milk powder automatic packing machine

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Coffee instant coffee milk powder automatic packing machine

The current market sales of coffee, is basically a bag or a bottle of Instant Coffee, Instant Coffee is frying coffee beans by grinding, spray freeze drying is made of coffee oil and aromatic components is decomposed and oxidized, lost the original aroma taste, if you want to drink to the traditional production process, taste authentic coffee drinks only, to the cafe or special places to go, but his coffee must have a special apparatus and process is various, complex operation. In order to make people conveniently drink to the traditional craft and the authentic coffee, many suppliers have developed a cup of coffee automatic filling and sealing machine, which is used to realize the batch automatic production of this cup of coffee. The packaging machine is used to store only stir fried and grated coffee in a sandwich cup with filtering function. As long as the boiling water is poured into the cup, the water will filter through the upper layer of filter paper and enter the interlayer to soak the coffee and filter it slowly from the lower filter paper. Such brewed coffee, its oil and aroma are protected, pure color, original flavor, convenient and quick.

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