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Robot Coffee Shop in Japan

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Robot Coffee Shop in Japan
Recently Japan market introduced the robot coffee shop, they can treat customer, brew coffee and wash cups.

The robot behind the reception desk, it is hand shape robot and can provide authentic drip coffee for customers. This kind of fancy coffee shop is opened in Japan.
It is reported that the hand shape robot is made in United States market, it can shows the human’s expression, also a voice ‘Welcome, would you like to drink some delicious coffee’ to welcome guests.
From reading the QR code when paying the coffee, the robot hand grasp a paper cup and move to the coffee machine, put the ground coffee into the metal filter, press the button of the coffee machine and wait for the brewed coffee, take the coffee cup on the reception desk. The robot also will clean the used coffee beans and wash the filter.
It is learned that the coffee shop prepares ‘authentic drip coffee’ (230ml, etc.) and others totally 7 kinds products, it takes 3-4 minutes per cup of coffee if the robot supply for you, however there are 2-3 staffs like in the similar scale shops, and this cafe only need one person is responsible to supply the coffee beans and deal with troubles maintenance.

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