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The Chinese Tea Cultures and French Coffee Cultures

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The Chinese Tea Cultures and French Coffee Cultures

As everyone knows, tea and coffee has become the two largest beverage swept the world, the fragrance of tea tea, fresh and elegant gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, the mood of people intoxicated; coffee is mesmerizing, let a person in the realm of ecstasy in the lead a person to endless aftertastes.

China is the birthplace of tea culture. Tea plays an important role in people's daily life. Similarly, the importance of coffee to the French is also as great as that of tea to Chinese people. The French said, "I'm not on the way to the cafe on the way to the cafe." it seems a simple joke, but it's a real picture of the French life. Nowadays, tea and coffee have been derived from tea culture and coffee culture. They all pursue a kind of life culture that is elegant, relaxed, quiet, enjoying life and paying attention to taste. However, in addition to the similarities, there are many differences.

The capsule filled with tea.

But people all admit a fact that the profound tea culture contains deep national thoughts and essence. The ritual of Confucianism, the cultivation of Buddhism and the leisure of Taoism are most vividly reflected in the atmosphere of tea. The environment of the tea ceremony must be quiet and quiet, so that people are intoxicated. By tasting and appreciating the process of tea art, people feel the wonderful mood of tea, purify the mind and prevent the disease.
China history there are many celebrities have a special preference for tea, tea has a Qianlong, witty quip: "do not you say a day without tea"; Sun Zhongshan tea and wine, his assessment of the motherland high tea; tea with Lu Xun, he said: "there is good tea to drink, will drink good tea, is a kind of peaceful life...".

The coffee industry not only promotes the economy of France, but also is closely related to the culture of France. In the seventeenth Century, there were many cultural and artistic salons in the upper class society because of coffee. By eighteenth Century, cultural center of the emergence of a variety of salons, clubs and cafes, the general can Fu cafe in Paris is the first to carry out of the cafe, several of Voltaire's works, Diderot's first encyclopedia is done here; the writer Hugo, Zola and other masters such as the cafe name founded the "proletarian literature publication can Fu". The coffee in France has great relationship with its own culture. Just like the relationship between tea and Chinese culture, it can be said that without the fertile soil of a nation, there can be no unique dietary culture.
French coffee culture spread widely throughout the world, China is no exception, the modern people especially young people more adapt to the taste of coffee and feel more, see it as a sign of fashion; tea seems to be older and the hermit "patent", this change can be attributed to the coffee itself and the charm of French culture. Similarly, since tea as a drink to Europe, it immediately aroused the attention of the French people and became an indispensable part of people's daily life and social life. In recent years, in particular, some of the young people in France, tea has become a fashion, even the romantic French people like to wash tea baths, skin care and weight loss effect. To sum up, the extensive and profound tea culture and the infinite charm of coffee culture have impressed us. I believe that with the continuous communication and cultural interaction between the two peoples, the development of tea culture and coffee culture will usher in another beautiful spring.

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