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What instant coffee is?

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You can find instant coffee anywhere you go. It is very convenient and cheerful for those who looks for a quick and cheap coffee in high speed life. But do you really know what it is? Generally, instant coffee is only common brewed coffee with almost all water removed. There is no chemical change in the process of making instant coffee, so do not worry it is still pure coffee. It is also called as coffee powder, soluble coffee or crystal coffee. And instant coffee is combined with Robusta coffee beans instead of the more expensive Arabica coffee beans.
There are two kinds of ways to produce instant coffee: freeze drying and spray-drying.

  1. The freeze dying can keep the most original coffee flavor, but you have to pay more to finish the procedure to get the instant coffee, but you will get the most flavored coffee difference and it worth, right? Here is the process.
  1. The coffee will be quickly frozen to about minus 40 Celsius.
  2. And then it is put into a drying chamber and be vacuumed and heated in the chamber.
  3. When the coffee is heated, the frozen water will be quickly changed into gas in the process of sublimation. Then the left is dry coffee grain.
  1. The spray-drying can make instant coffee very quickly and the transition from liquid coffee to instant coffee only takes about five to thirty seconds.
  1. The concentrated coffee is sprayed in a large hot-air chamber.
  2. With the droplets falls, then the left water will evaporate.
  3. At last the coffee grain will fall to the bottom of the chamber.
In conclusion, there is a disadvantage during the process; the high temperature will lose coffee oil and coffee flavor.
At last do you know where you can use the instant coffee in your daily life? Instant coffee is usually used on the place which has not suitable kitchen like trains or office. It is very convenient for those on the way to go.

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