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Plastic Nespresso capsule turntable type filling machine

HSP-1N is high speed turntable type capsule filling machine.
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Plastic Nespresso capsule turntable type filling machine

HM company is supplying two kinds machines to pack the plastic Nespresso capsules including the turntable type and linear type. The customers can choose different type according to the capacity requirement.
Advantages of the turntable type machine:

Model HSP-1N with capactiy 3000-3500 cups per hour.
1.Coffee servo screw filling, the filling volume can be adjusted on Touch screen, no cup no filling;
2.Automatic vacuum sucking lids, No cup no Lids suck. Lids suck fault automatic stop;
3.Press coffee tightly and vacuum clean the edge of the cup after filling;
4.Open the door, machine will stop automatically;
5.Start to the nitrogen flushing after cups’ dropping until finishing the sealing.

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